Emergency Services

SIGMA Tutoring provides tutoring for people wanting to improve their ability in Emergency Services Entry Aptitude Tests.

We cater for preparation for sitting the Entry Aptitude Test for the following Emergency Services:

Police Service (All States and Territories of Australia Police Service)

Fire & Rescue Service (All States and Territories of Australia Fire & Rescue Service)

Australian Federal Police.

The first step is to arrange to complete a 1 hour 15 minute Diagnostic Test which will show us where your strengths and weaknesses are.

From there we can develop a tutoring program for you to become competitive in Aptitude Tests.

Please Contact Us to arrange your required tutoring sessions.


Demi Leca. 10 Feb 2020

I came to Sigma Tutoring a few months ago to get some help in passing the WA police entrance exam. Dean took me through in depth a range of verbal reasoning problems, spatial reasoning patterns and helped me fine tune what I wanted to say for the essays I had to write. He was patient, showed encouragement when I didn’t get a problem straight away and taught me different ways to solve it. With Deans tutoring I am happy to say I passed my entrance exam and I can’t thank him enough.

Courtney Carruthers. 13 Dec 2018

Mr Dean Kitson,

I would not have got through my Police aptitude test if it wasn’t for Sigma Tutoring and Dean’s style of teaching. 

I found Dean’s tutoring business about one year ago after trying to google someone in Perth who would tutor a mature age person like myself.

I was wanting to apply for the Police and knew I was out of touch with studying let alone anything to do with the aptitude tests.

Dean’s approach was amazing! We would do practise tests and he would give me feedback on different ways to approach questions and different ways to problem solve them.

I would highly recommend him!

akash v. 12 May 2015
Sigma tutoring was very helpful. Everything Dean provided was helpful. I would suggest anyone who is interested in law enforcement get tutoring from Dean. All the material provided gives you good understanding what you can expect in the test. Money well spend!
Reece J. 19 Jan 2015
The help I received from Sigma tutoring was excellent, decent drive from my location but worth every dollar. My experience with Sigma was very positive and helped me prepare for the entrance evaluation exam. The content Dean provides is beneficial and he had taught me strategies to overcome any problems I would face on the day. The books used is clearly written and Dean explains things in a simple easy to understand laid out format. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested in law enforcement to contact Sigma this before their entrance evaluation exam.